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Mind over matter...More like Breath over matter!

Mind over matter? The expression, 'If you don't mind, it don't matter,' never made much sense to me. In order to get through a challenging situation, all I had to do was not mind it? Honestly, it only added a layer of guilt (and as a Jewish mother, I didn't need any help layering on the guilt). As if to say, if I could just look past whatever it was, I would be free from any negative feelings associated with the individual or incident. So pretty much if it still had an impact on me, that means I had failed and must not have tried hard enough to 'think it away.'

Through Mindfulness in Yoga, we learn that thoughts and feelings are not what make us who we are, they are not what defines us. We learn how to harness the simple but awesome power of breathing to help us through difficult emotions and situations. I love the saying: 'The only way out is through'. This life is full of challenges, there's no way around them, trust me...I've tried. Avoidance and denial just leads to prolonged pain and suffering. Using Mindfulness, breath work, focus and consistently practicing remaining calm on our mats even in difficult positions, builds up our emotional muscles so we can get through the challenges and maybe instead of being crushed by the difficulties that life throws us, we can grow from them.

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