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Boycott the NHS

My apologies King Charles III. I'm sure the National Health Service is perfect (I'm sure many Brits may disagree). I am not planning a riot in front of Buckingham Palace.

I am referring to the other NHS. The one that takes up space in your brain without paying rent. I'm talking about the voice that tells you constantly: You NEED to, You HAVE to, You SHOULD. As a student told me: "We should work on getting rid of Chametz all year round. The acronym of Chametz can stand for: ח is חייב, the מ is מוכרח, and the צ is צריך." All those words basically mean obligated to do.

We don't need to boycott and change the voice that is motivating and encouraging like a great baseball coach; pushing you to do better but also not stingy with praise when it's deserving.

I'm referring to the voice of the Marine Corps Drill Instructor that yells at you to do what you have to do, should do, and need to do with unrelenting forcefulness and aggressiveness. The voice that does not make room for your feelings or for failure. The voice that makes you constantly feel that you have no say in your own life.

In contrast, when we speak to ourselves with compassion, understanding, kindness and awareness we become encouraged and empowered. Imagine how you'd feel telling yourself: "Good job" "Look what I've accomplished" "I was a loving mother in that moment" "Kudos to me!"

The toxic voice is discouraging. According to (one of my favorite sites), the definition of discourage is 'to deprive of courage, hope, or confidence; dishearten; dispirit.' It's a voice that breaks us down instead of building us up.

Try to notice which voice your inner-speak sounds like. Hopefully, with awareness and patience, we will be able to get rid of the 'chametz' that holds us back and be transformed into becoming our own greatest supporter and encourager so we can truly appreciate our accomplishments even as we strive to be better.

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